South Dakota Innovations
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"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."

-Thomas Edison

It takes courage to launch a new idea, in addition to experience and financial investment. At Innovation Partners, we believe in big ideas, research-derived innovations and disruptive technologies. Our early stage venture capital firm is focused on science and technology-based business ventures, providing qualified partners with seed capital and world class businesses development, and providing a return on investment to each of our partners.

Innovation Partners works with researchers and entrepreneurs who are interested in launching innovative products and services and industry leaders who want to solve global problems. There is a significant inefficiency in the market at the point where federal and state governments fund basic scientific research and where corporations invest in new product development. This inefficiency exists across market segments, including large pharmaceutical, agriculture, and engineered product companies. As an early stage venture capital firm, Innovation Partners provides investment capital to fund "valley of death" activities, such as market and technology validation, in exchange for equity in portfolio companies. Additionally, Innovation Partners provides business development support to complement our research partners' scientific knowledge and to de-risk our investments to generate above-market returns. Our vision is to build businesses that use research and local resources to solve global challenges.

Our portfolio is full of people that had the courage to make a difference. Let the next opportunity be yours.

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